Friday, 10 May 2013

Uncertain World: The Role Of Russia And China In Changing The World Order


  1. salam, kuliyah ni ada bayaran tak?

  2. salam..adakah pihak sheikh imran hossein sedia untuk menerima jemputan bagi menyampaikan forum beliau? dan bagaimanakah cara untuk menghubungi pihak beliau?

  3. Assalam
    O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (i.e. the Qur'an, enjoining all that is good and forbidding all that is evil), and a healing for that (disease of ignorance, doubt, hypocrisy and differences) which is in your breasts, - a guidance and a mercy (explaining lawful and unlawful things) for the believers.
    Is there real aliens or demon..anti christ? As a human being in this planet, we have the choice that have been given by GOD. GOD teach us to be good to all. Ark of covenant have been mentioned in AlQoran and the Bible too.
    Do you think the ark is the manuscripts? Or the spell to transform something to GOLD? All that is only a symbol for us to think from our Mighty Creator of the universe. As His servant must learn to know what was His message, not to cracking the code. The message in image of a lion bitting the sun (gold) meaning the darkness will come which the bad guy or company (the lion) will rule the world. Gold is a symbol of power NOT actual features but a SIGN.

    Imaging this, IF the ark of the covenant is the black box (black magic, worship spell of bad spirits or jinns) that jewish (anti christ) looking for, order for them to conquer the world (New Order World)..??? Wait and see what if they crack the dark ark or shall name it as a spell ..the lion turn to be a beast (human+jinn)..???
    pLEASE do share this..

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